Achilles Accreditation

We are now Achilles accredited!

By creating a single process where buyers can find qualified partners, and suppliers can prove their credentials, Achilles make doing business easier for everyone.

Achilles don’t just collect the data buyers need to make fully-informed decisions – they rigorously scrutinise it to help them identify and eliminate risk.

Risk doesn’t end with procurement – and Achilles work to help the suppliers meet their customers’ needs, adhere to compliance standards and strengthen their relationships.

Achilles’ suppliers use their communities to become visible for new tender opportunities, knowing they’re already prequalified in the eyes of the buyers.

New LEMKEN combi-drill for 2019

We have recently taken delivery of a new 4 metre LEMKEN combination cereal drill that will replace our old Amazone combination drill. This provides us with greater flexibility when drilling with improved accuracy as well as increased productivity. Please call Rob on 01258 472 419 to discuss any combination drilling requirements and/or quotes.

We’re on #Instagram!

We have recently set up our own company Instagram account, with the handle ‘@bartlettcontractorsltd‘.

Our aim is to continue to provide up-to-date information on our civil contracting milestones and events, agricultural updates and anything in between that occurs on a daily basis. Instagram provides this platform in the form of images, making things clearer to understand.

All that remains to be said is please give us a follow!