Fair trade for dairy and livestock farmers



Bartlett Contractors Ltd fully support the efforts being made to raise public awareness of the low costs paid to dairy farmers for the production of milk, and the huge profit margins supermarkets make. Milk prices in the UK are already at their lowest level since 2007. Some farmers are receiving as little as 19p a litre

We ask for your support in the way of donations to enable a group of 35 people and counting, to complete trolley dashes in supermarkets across the South
Your donation will help pay the £750 - £1,000 bill to clear a supermarket of milk

The milk will not be wasted

  • The majority of milk purchased will be offered to the general public in return for a donation. Proceeds will be given to the air ambulance and other local charities
  • Any surplus milk will be distributed to local food banks, and refuges

Show your support

  • We would appreciate it if you would show some support by displaying the attached posters any where you can
  • You can also purchase T-shirts from us, or have your company logo displayed on our banners to show you support the cause
  • We anticipate this becoming very high profile, attracting the attention of local press and MP’s

To make a donation, CLICK HERE to visit our fundraising page:

Or call 01258 472419 to discuss other payment methods

For more information please contact:

Robert Bartlett 07967 174939
Greg Gray 07768 944341
Tom Frampton 07967174944

Or visit:
Facebook “Milk/meat trolley challenge Dorset”

Thank you in advance!
From all of us at Bartlett Contractors Ltd

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