6,000m³ Slurry Lagoon


Bartlett Contractors were awarded the contract to design and excavate a new dirty water lagoon on a dairy farm near Dorchester, Dorset.

The 6,000m³ lagoon is double lined with a GCL bentonite layer underneath to form a leak detection system and a 1mm HDP liner on the surface. This ensures that the lagoon meets all environmental regulations.

Photos were taken during the finishing stages of the project, where the remains of the topsoil were going to be reinstated and graded and the fences around the perimeter of the lagoon, erected.

East West Link 16km Pipeline & Various Sites


Bartlett Contractors Ltd were appointed to deliver a 16km MDPE Butt Fused 450mm transfer main joining Sturminster Marshall and Culpeppers Dish reservoir. Works also included constructing various valve complex sites to facilitate the commissioning of the new pipeline.

Danesborough to Rhode Lane 3km Pipeline


Bartlett Contractors Ltd were appointed Principal contractor to construct the 3km pipeline consisting of 450mm diameter ductile iron push fit pipe. This project was particularly challenging from a reinstatement point of view due to the nature of the existing ground conditions.

Wessex Water, Allington Reservoir


Subcontracting to Wessex Waters own in-house construction team (WECS Civils), Bartlett Contractors Ltd carried out all pipe laying and land reinstatement works including large connections on the existing 600mm mains 5 metres and deep back filling of the new reservoir plus all hard and soft landscaping

4Delivery Ltd


Sewer attainment pipe 2m diameter Weholite pipe laid at 7m in depth including pump shaft, Reculver Road replacement of a live sewer increasing its size from 300mm vitrified clay pipe to 600mm plastic rigisewer pipe replacing the connections to the existing dwellings as the pipe line progressed at depths up to 3.8m the sewer was live at all times with continual over pumping in place.

Wessex Water Snowsdown to Littledown 21Km Pipeline



Installation of 21 Km of 500/600mm Ductile Iron

Bartlett Contractors Ltd were appointed Principal Contractor to deliver this large section of pipeline said to be the largest length of pipeline let by Wessex Water for the grid scheme AMP6 so far.

This also included many land owner constraints and enabling works at the proposed Pimperne pump station site where WECS Civils will carry out the construction.


May Gurney Ltd, Kingston St Mary, Corscombe and Winterborne Abbas Pipelines



Corsecombe WTW

3.1Km of butt fused 180mm MDPE SDR17 laid through predominately arable fields. Bartlett Contractors Ltd carried out installation of pipeline, commissioning and full reinstatement of working easement


Kingston St Mary Pipeline

Installation of approximately 300 metres of various potable water mains as large as 600mm and 8 metres in depth. Works also included the bulk excavation of the 5 meg reservoir, backfill, landscaping, topsoiling, remediation of the tip area including cultivating and reseeding.


Winterborne Abbas WTW Pipeline installation and testing

5.5Km of 315mm MDPE SDR17 butt fused potable water main, at a nominal depth of 1.3m, installed predominately through farm land including assisting 3 No directional drills across various highways

Installation of 2 No compounds and reinstatement, construction of hedge box fencing, backfilling and reinstatement of the 20m wide spread including cultivating and reseeding works. Pressure testing and swabbing completed by ourselves.


Festival Republic, Reading Festival Ground



Installation of sewer attenuation tanks, pumping mains, gravity sewer pipes and manholes and large culvert crossing.
General reinstatement works such as reseeding and topsoiling. Strengthened and extended a river crossing.


South East Water, Bray Pipeline



We were called to finish the construction of the pipeline and testing due to the previous contractors business failing. Works included installation of 17km of 1200m welded steel pipe, 1200mm valves and fittings, live connections, repairs and realignments of existing pipe, testing and chlorination, full reinstatements of pipeline up to 5m deep.

Ground conditions varied from clay to running sand so temporary works were the main priority to get designed in front of works progressing.

Where large sections of the pipeline had previously been laid by the other contractor, a lot of the alignment of the pipe was so bad that V.J couplings could not stand the lateral pressure imposed on them. It was decided to remove all V.J couplings and to fit solid weld bands to hold the line in place and to mitigate any further leaks.

Large valve complexes and flow metres had to be fitted along the route of the pipeline which included civils works for building large concrete chambers and pipe supports. A total of 15 groundworkers/pipelayers worked on site alongside 7 x excavators, our experienced project manager, site foreman and site supervisors.

We did the testing of the pipeline in house due to the huge amount of leaks left by the previous contractor. Employing a testing contractor was not cost effective.

Sections of the pipeline crossed public roads and therefore streetworks and temporary traffic lights were put in place by trained employees. Where sections of the pipeline had failed on road crossings, the carriageway was excavated, temporary works installed, repair implemented and full carriageway reinstatement undertaken and inspected by local authorities.

The contract was a reactive situation due to the failing of the previous contractor leaving works unfinished and backfilled leading to a lot of leaks and broken apparatus.



Allen Hanford Ltd, Slurry Lagoon



Excavated a 5,500m“ lagoon, top measurements 66m x 50m at 6m depth with the banks at 1 to 1. Installed underlay and liner and a leak detection system. Installed 4 no. concrete pads 6m x 4m x 150mm depth, 4 no. concrete pads in the base of the lagoon 3m x 3m and 4 no. 200mm suction pipes through the lagoon bank. Supplied and erected a galvanised chain link fence 1.8m high complete with corner strainers, 260Lm, 4 no. sets of galvanised palastrade double gates and 4 no. concrete stop blocks as a barrier to stop the stirring tractor from falling back into the lagoon.