May Gurney Ltd, Kingston St Mary, Corscombe and Winterborne Abbas Pipelines



Corsecombe WTW

3.1Km of butt fused 180mm MDPE SDR17 laid through predominately arable fields. Bartlett Contractors Ltd carried out installation of pipeline, commissioning and full reinstatement of working easement


Kingston St Mary Pipeline

Installation of approximately 300 metres of various potable water mains as large as 600mm and 8 metres in depth. Works also included the bulk excavation of the 5 meg reservoir, backfill, landscaping, topsoiling, remediation of the tip area including cultivating and reseeding.


Winterborne Abbas WTW Pipeline installation and testing

5.5Km of 315mm MDPE SDR17 butt fused potable water main, at a nominal depth of 1.3m, installed predominately through farm land including assisting 3 No directional drills across various highways

Installation of 2 No compounds and reinstatement, construction of hedge box fencing, backfilling and reinstatement of the 20m wide spread including cultivating and reseeding works. Pressure testing and swabbing completed by ourselves.